Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Back to bike commuting

I am back to working downtown again, which means that I now have the option of biking to work again. This was my 3rd time biking downtown this year and thought that I'd share a view of what the path that I ride on looks like. It's very pretty and a nice meandering trail that is next to a small stream. In the fall it gets even better. It is around 13 miles into work and takes around 50 minutes. I come home a slightly different way and it adds another 2 miles for a grand total of 28. Coming home is around 1hour or slightly more. No real hills, but the wind can provide challenges on many of the days.


Buckshot77 said...

Wish I could commute by bike path... Mine consists of dodging traffic from the southside through downtown and into the wilds of the east side.

Steve Fuller said...

Congrats on getting to commute again. Mine is down to 3 miles. I'd prefer something a bit longer as the current one barely warms a person up in the AM.