Sunday, December 27, 2009

Snowbowl day 2

Back up to the bowl today. Again by myself as the kids are getting gramma and grandpa time in. Felt decent but a little sore from yesterday. I did get a good leg workout yesterday with 3 runs from the top, 3 down Grizzly and two on the upper chair. Thus today was just 2 from the top, 1 down Grizzly and 3 on the upper chair.

Those that have been there can appreciate the above picture of the chicken chute runout. Last run of the day after coming down west ridge. My legs were turning into jello. A few more pics on the Flickr page.


Rusty Car said...

Thanks for the photos. The base area looks pretty much the same, sad to hear that bar is less than rustic though.

I always hated chicken shoot especially with tired legs.

~Sheepheads said...


We're sorry we missed you up here!!!!

We were hoping you would give me a ring to connect when you got into dodge.

Hope to get in a ride this spring if you happen back this way. The bowl still needs snow big time, though yesterday and today were not too bad. Better skiing north of Missou at Big Mtn at the moment.

Happy New Year!