Monday, October 5, 2009

Anyone know anything about Smart Phones?

I've been trying to read up on what I need vs. what I want for me next cell phone. My requirements:
1) Has to be with Verizon as I need the coverage when I'm out west.
2) Good internet browser on a large screen.
3) Qwerty Keyboard or Qwerty Touchscreen, big enough for large fingers.
4) Good camera. I have a 2.0 which does fine. 3.2 minimum, but like some of the new 5.0mp.

I want to be able to update the blog, read and post comments to other blogs, take good quality pics and post to the blog or flickr, surf the majority of my internet sites. Music capabilities would be nice (on a 3.5mm jack), but I hardly use my iPod as it is

Oh, I would like to create/update Excel spreadsheets on the phone (bike training log, etc).

HTC Pro 2, Storm 2, something called the Imagio. All three are supposed to be out soon, but who knows. Anyone care to chime in?


chris said...

pro2 or imagio

Courtney said...

I use pixelpipe for my blogging and it works on almost any phone. I do almost all my blog entrys from a cell phone (really sad isn't it) I have a g1 from t moble I don't know what the coverage is out wesy but I have great coverage and free roaming every where I go.

Iowagriz said...

I just found out that you can't edit Excel on a Blackberry. That will rule those out for me.

Imagio came out today, no memory card storage.

Now it sounds like Verizon will be coming out with Android phones as the OS? Looks like I wait longer.