Sunday, December 14, 2008

Big Mountain Ski Report

From my old home town ski area. This mornings ski report. In the old'n days they wouldn't have shut down the lifts and I wouldn't have missed a day of skiing. Now I wonder why I have poor circulation in the fingers and toes. At least the scenery was alway good.
12:41 UpdateWe've opened Chair 2! We're now offering skiing on Chairs 2, 6, and the Magic Carpet, with lift tickets still at $18. Dress warm, and we'll see you up here.
10:15 am update. Checking back with you all, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but no Chair 1 this morning due to winds still over 20 mph with wind chill values at -64 degrees from tower 10 and up. Chair 2 continues to be on hold due to weather driven electrical problems but we will continue to put up all exhaustive efforts to try and open that chair as the day goes on. We will however be riding on Chair 6 and the Big Easy Carpet. It is still blustery out there so please bundle up and keep a hot beverage at your side. Have a good one guys.

8:15 am update. Well guys just checking back with you, the jury is still out on what lifts will be running today, fortunately I did hear a report the winds are somewhat dying down at the summit but please check back in around an hour or so for our updated report.
We have plenty of wicked snow to open with on this balmy Sunday morning with 1” new inch of snow on the summit and in the village, the only thing we are dependent on at this time is the wind. Currently the summit is at negative 25 degrees not including the wind chill, with winds 25-30 mph and gusts 45-50 mph. So lets all pray, pray, pray that the elements take a lull so we can all play, play, play and rip it up! We are expecting to be riding chairs 1, 2, 6 & 7 when we get up and running. Please stay tuned for our updates on today’s conditions and opening terrain.

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