Sunday, October 5, 2008

Grade School XC Run

This past week the Waukee grade schools had a cross-country run (1 mile) for grades 3-6. Both of the girls decided to sign up and give it their best shot. Maddie was trying to improve upon her 4th grade performance of 7:56 and this was Hannah's first try. We were proud of Hannah to step out of her comfort zone and give this a try (she is our music and dance expert).

Both of the girls did well. Maddie got 12th overall and Hannah got 71st. I think there were around 125 starters for the girls. Maddie ran a 7:52 and we haven't seen Hannah's time yet, but I think she will be near or under 10mins (which would be a personal best)(UPDATE: a 9:45!). They both had a great time and Hannah even stated that she might want to do something similar in the future.

I was trying to emphasize with Hannah that you just need to do your best. "Look at Daddy, he never finished 1st and he still has fun". I also set personal goals for my racing or training and I tried to use that to motivate her. She had set a goal to run the mile faster than her school mile test (near 11mins). Once she met this goal, she seemed to realize that doing your best is all that is important.

Part of the girls starting line.
And their off!
Hannah in brown shirt, Maddie in green shorts.
Maddie has her game face on while doing the last climb.

Hannah pushing her self up the hill.

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